Residential Properties - Return on Investment

Massive saving on bond interest and reduced payment term.

Purchase property to the value of R 1 500 000-
Term of 30 years / repayment of R 13 163 / m
Install a PV system to the value of R 75 000 (fully installed)
Increase the bond to R 1 575 000- to finance the system
Repayment increase by R 657 from R 13 163 to R 13 820 / m
System saves you R 1000 / m on electricity in the first month.

Over just the first 16 years you will save on avg R 2 300- / m on electricity.
Push your monthly saving into your bond as additional monthly payments.
Your bond term is reduced from 30 years to 17 years and you will save R 1.7m in interest over the term.
Your system will still produce electricity after 17 years - but now your monthly saving is pocket money and your bond is fully paid off