Selecting a Solar Power Solution.

What solar system do I need for my requirements ?

Each system is individually calculated and designed according to requirement.

In order to provide a quotation or estimate on any solar power system - we need to know what your power requirements are.

1) Your daily or monthly power consumption (kWh or units) - this will be available from your electricity account.

  (if you currently do not have any electricity and thus do not have an electricity account - we will assist further to calculate your expected consumption)

2) Your maximum power required (Watt) - this is not essential as we can use an estimate based on the size of the system.

We would also take into account and identify and or eliminate some areas where alternative power sources might be more viable and cost effective or where a slightly different solar solution might be applicable.

Let us assist you with a solution for your house, office, lodge, camping ... or whatever else you may require.

You can also download and complete our Client Requirement Sheet to assist in the calculation of your requirement.

Talk to us to do a requirement analysis and make some recommendations on a pv solution for your needs - free of charge.

We could also provide a residential energy assessment on your premises to highlight issues and provide recommendations.

This assessment will cover much more than a basic needs analysis and will give you a valuable report that will enable to address various energy issues that could save you a lot of money.

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Ecoficiency is a Proinso Gold Qualified Installer and Tesla Certified Installer.

We are a proud member of the Southern African Alternative Energy Association (SAAEA)

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