Off-Grid Solutions

Off grid system means you’re not connected to the Eskom grid.

The main two reasons when one would consider going off grid - either you’re building a new building and the cost of bringing in an Eskom service is too high, or alternatively you wish to be completely independent of Eskom.

It is the perfect solution when no grid power is available or when grid failure needs to be eliminated at all costs.

Your solar system will generate power during the day, charging batteries and providing power for consumption day and night.

Due to the requirement for large battery storage - these systems are the most expensive of all PV solutions.

Our standard Victron Off-Grid solutions is priced at around R 11 500- per kWh.

Variations on the standard configuration can further allow additional power sources to be integrated (grid power / generator) to assist in charging batteries during extended periods of poor weather conditions.

Various battery technologies are available (AGM, Gel, Lithium) - varying in cost and expected life.

The battery storage on these solutions are calculated to provide 75% of daily consumption. In practical terms not all power is required outside sun hours, the battery usage during daytime is thus only to n limited extent - effectively providing a reserve capacity during periods of poor weather conditions with less than optimal power coming from the PV panels.

All our systems are designed to account for manufacturer margins, efficiency and system losses. The solar panel array is thus oversized in relation to consumable energy.

Poorly under-designed (cheaper) systems will fail over time.

Our solutions are also scalable and upgradable. Every component is selected to be a perfect match to the other components to achieve maximum efficiency.

All components are from the leading world wide manufacturers aquired through authorised distribution channels to ensure the availability of after-sales support and repairs.

Ecoficiency is a Proinso Gold Qualified Installer and Tesla Certified Installer.

We are a proud member of the Southern African Alternative Energy Association (SAAEA)

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