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Ecoficiency is a Proinso Gold Qualified Installer and Tesla Certified Installer.

We are a proud member of the Southern African Alternative Energy Association (SAAEA)

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Grid-Tie Solar - How does it work ?

Grid-Tie systems is extremely cost-effective and could save massive amounts of money on electricity costs.
Return on investment in 5 years.

These systems do not have expensive batteries that would need to be replaced at some point.
The inverter in a Grid-Tie setup works parallel with the Eskom grid.

During the day you generate solar power, your usage will come directly from the solar power as first priority. If the system is unable to provide enough power (high loads, poor weather etc.), then the system will automatically bring in some limited power from the Eskom grid to supplement the shortfall.
During the night, power will also come from the Eskom grid.

Because these systems work in conjunction with the Eskom grid - there is no need to have an inverter of a specific min size. Whatever the system cant generate will be suplemented by Eskom grid. In other words - even a small 1kW system will still produce a relatively large amount of electricity to reduce your monthly electricity bill, but one does not need to be concerned that 1kW will be too small for large appliances as Eskom will supplement the usage if required.

These systems can however generate surplus during the day that can off-set your Eskom usage during the night.
Surplus electricity can also be fed back into the Eskom grid for credits (legislation dependant - only in certain areas at the moment).

On a small system of just over R 60 000- , you could save up to R 800 000- in electricity costs over the lifetime of the system.
The system already adds significant capital value to your property the moment its installed - even before you realized the monthly savings.

Complete Grid-Tie systems are priced from around R 12 000 / kW  (or around R 2 000 / kWh (electricity units).