Energy Assessment

An energy audit can cut your power bill.

With energy prices rising, homeowners are looking for ways to save money on their utility bills.

A home energy assessment, also known as a home energy audit, is the first step to assess how much energy your home consumes and to evaluate what measures you can take to make your home more energy efficient. An assessment will show you problems that may, when fixed, save you significant amounts of money over time.

Whether you are interested in saving money on your electricity bills each month or you simply want to do your part to help create a greener planet, having a home energy audit done can be a smart move for any homeowner.

This audit involves having an expert looking at everything that consumes energy and identify and recommend solutions and priorities to enable the home owner to start saving money on a monthly basis.

Tests can be quick and involve standard practices, or they can be more in-depth and include upgrades like infrared scans to check for thermal changes.

After you know where your home is consuming and losing energy, steps can be taken to improve efficiency and implement solutions that will reduce energy costs and save you money.

Currently - Ecoficiency has the following options available:

Basic Energy Assessment (Residential).

Please contact us directly to discuss commercial assessments or special requirements.

Basic Energy Assessment (Residential).

The Basic Energy Assessment is limited to residential buildings and will involve assessment on the primary aspects of energy consumption. The more energy is consumed - the more electricity is consumed. The primary objective here is to increase efficiency and reduce electricity consumption, and thereby reducing the impact of rising tariffs.

We will look at every room and living area, outside buildings, heating, cooling, lighting and a number of other aspects.

We will connect and electronically monitor your entire house electricity consumption for 5 days (1 weekend and 3 normal work days). On the basic assessment - this will not include monitoring individual circuits and will be on the primary incoming line only.

Further monitoring of individual circuits / outer buildings etc can be requested at additional costs.

After the assessment - the data collected will be evaluated and a complete report will be drafted highlighting the primary energy consumption and issues identified.

a Detailed 5-day report on electricity consumption will be included and will include usage patterns per day and per hour.

The graphical representattion will clearly highlight your peak usage periods where cost saving measures should be considered.

Using all the above - we will then also include recommendations on all areas of concern where steps can be taken to increase efficiency and reduce electricity consumption.

We will at this point not suggest any specific service provider or product in order to keep the assessment as neutral and independent as possible.

On request by the client - Ecoficiency might be able to assist with solutions on some of the recommendations, and be able to recommend various professional and reliable service providers that the client may contact to attend to the identified issues.

Basic Energy Assessment.       -  R 1 750-

Additional circuit monitoring     - R 500- (per additional circuit / distribution panel)

All costs include VAT.

Should you decide to implement any of our grid-tie, off-grid or hybrid pv solutions after the assessment - we will credit the cost of the assessment to your invoice.

Note that this is a Basic Energy Assessment designed for residential buildings.

Assessments for commercial buildings will involve far more aspects to consider and the costs could be very high - though the savings on commercial buildings could also be significant.

This in-depth assessment will not be cost effective for residential buildings.